I created Mama Loves Money just for you and all the gorgeous moms around the world who were tired of having a love/hate relationship with money.

So many of us are scared to admit that money is important in life because we think it will make us sound vain or superficial.

But at the same time we recognize the opportunities and freedom that having MORE MONEY can and will bring us.

Having a healthy relationship with MONEY enables money to flow more easily into your life and gives you the opportunity to live a happier life without the stress of financial burden.

And seriously, who wouldn’t want that? A healthier relationship with money so we are in a better position to get more of it in life?

It’s time for you to accept and embrace the fact that your money story is not predetermined at birth. You are not limited either to the amount of income you are capable of earning in your life – whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or inspiring entrepreneur, whether you have a college degree or not (none of that stuff truly matters in the end!)


What matters most is your desire to learn and actually apply the new knowledge you gain. NEWS ALERT: Knowledge without action is just wasted knowledge!

The truth is that you indeed have the choice and opportunity to make positive changes happen in your relationship with money. You can also make constructive change in your ability to earn and save too – so why not make fantastic things start to happen today? I trust and know that you can do it!


I’m honestly so happy you made the smart decision to visit my website today.

I trust that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and partnership in dream-chasing! I look forward to getting to know you better.