8 Ways to Get Quick Cash for Christmas

The countdown is on… it won’t be long until Christmas arrives at our doorstep. While it’s my favorite time of the year, it’s one of the worst times for my budget. The holidays can be stressful with all of the Christmas parties and festive events, and that doesn’t even consider covering the cost of higher utility bills due to the cold weather.

I learned years ago that Christmas is one of those things I must save for all year long if I don’t want to go deeper into debt. But even with a Christmas club account to help offset the cost, it’s never quite enough. 

If you’re struggling to pay for Christmas gifts, school activities, and extra food for all of the holiday parties, I’m right here with you.

This year, let’s do something about it.

Instead of worrying about where I’ll get the money, I’m putting on my money-making hat and getting to work. Here are the best ways to get quick Christmas cash.

How to Earn Extra Cash for Christmas

1. Deliver Groceries

Everyone needs extra food this time of year but who wants to make all those extra trips to the grocery store? That’s where Shipt comes in. You can get paid up to $22 or more an hour to shop and deliver groceries for Shipt. Plus, you get a free Shipt membership so someone else can deliver your groceries after you’ve been earning money shopping for others.

2. Sell Your Stuff with Decluttr

Cleaning and decluttering is a top priority at our house during the holidays. With Decluttr, you can trade your old cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, books, and more for cold hard cash in your hand. The site is easy to use: simply scan the barcode with your smartphone to get an instant offer.

3. Get Cash for Healthy Choices

Not everyone has the willpower to lose weight surrounded by Christmas cookies. But what if you could get paid for it? That changes things, right? HealthyWage pays you to lose weight. You could make $500 or more when you bet on your weight loss goals.

4. Earn Free Gift Cards with Swagbucks

In the time I’ve used Swagbucks, I’ve accumulated over 9,000 SB which equals roughly $100 in free gift cards. Wouldn’t an extra $100 to spend at Walmart, Target, or Amazon be great right about now? Earning free gift cards with Swagbucks is easy. You answer survey questions and earn SB for each one you complete.

5. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of my favorite ways to make extra cash because it changed my life. I started blogging as a hobby but quickly realized the money-making potential it had. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, now’s the time to do it.

6. Get Paid with Online Surveys

Making money with surveys isn’t new but you must watch out for scams. Lucky for you, I’ve tested Survey Junkie and know it’s 100% legit. When your binge-watching Netflix or standing in line at the grocery store, pull up the Survey Junkie app and start answering questions to make money without any effort. 

7. Make Money with Ibotta

I don’t know about you but I don’t have time for coupons. But Ibotta lets me link my store loyalty card and does all the hard work for me. I shop like I normally do and my purchases are compared against Ibotta’s money-saving offers. If there’s a match, money is automatically deposited into my account.

8. Become a Pet Sitter

Being a pet sitter is a lucrative opportunity, especially during the holidays. Some pet owners are gone all day shopping or at holiday parties, while others travel. Either way, they need someone to take care of their furry friends while they’re gone and that’s where you come in. Check out Rover.com to make money as a pet sitter.

Time is sometimes tight during the holidays but these money-making ideas are easy to fit around your life. The quickest way to start making money is probably Survey Junkie or Swagbucks. But pet sitting and starting a blog can help you earn big bucks during the holidays and beyond.

What are you doing to earn extra cash this Christmas?

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