50 Inexpensive Ideas for Family Fun

Inexpensive Ideas for Family Fun

Are you ready to get some help with your budget? That way you can begin saving money.

So far this week we’ve talked about our budget and some ways to save money. Usually saving money means not doing fun things that we want to do. Not only as a family but as a couple.

You need to have fun though and enjoy your time with the people you love. So here are some fun no spending ideas to do as a family. As well as some no spending ideas to do as a couple. While many of the ideas cost nothing there are also some inexpensive ideas that will cost you a little but less than you are usually spending.

You can have fun as a family or in a relationship without going broke. Here are some ways to have fun spending less.

No Spending Ideas for Families

1. Go for a walk, especially in nature.

2. visit and feed some ducks

3.go on a picnic. When the weather is beautiful, it’s an excellent opportunity to go on a picnic and enjoy your meal outdoors.

4. Take a hike

5. Go to the park.

6. Read books

7. Start a garden

8. Play board games. This is fun especially if you can get other family and friends to come over and join in on the fun.

9. Take a day trip to the Zoo.

10. go out for frozen yogurt.

11. Have a movie marathon at home one day.

12.Go and play miniature golf.

13. visit a farmer’s market.

14. Throw a barbecue for friends and family. (Make it a potluck so that you aren’t paying for everything)

15. make a batch of cookies together.

16. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s always fun to have an adventure now and then.

17. Make your own pizzas at home one night. Have a little pizza party.

18. Have a water balloon fight.

19. Watch a sunset or sunrise

20. Go for a swim.

21. de-clutter your home

22. Make your own ice cream sundaes, with all kinds of fun toppings

23. Do a home project, like paint a wall or room.

24. visit a farm and see some baby animals.

25. go on a road trip

26. go fishing

27. Have a dance party. Put on some music and dance it out.

28. Go roller skating or ice skating depending on the season and where you are.

29. Take a class at a store. Lowe’s/ Home Depot have classes. So does Michael’s so check them out

30. Go camping in your back yard or living room

No Spending Ideas for Couples

1. movie night at home. Rent a movie or watch one you have already. Make some popcorn and cuddle up together and watch a movie or two.

2. Have a Netflix night at home. Same as movie night except you binge watch some Netflix together.  We have this kind of date a lot. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed and watch something you both enjoy.

3.Pick up ingredients for a favorite meal from the grocery store and come home and make dinner together.

4. Work on a project together. Maybe something needs to be painted or put together. Spend time doing it together and make it fun, then grab something to eat.

5. Also for date meals try lunch versus dinner for a lower price a lot of the time.

6. going to the movies. It can be expensive but if you are able to go to a matinee that saves a lot of money. We do that a lot and then usually share a drink that can cut the price by half going in the day versus the night.

7. If you go out to eat try to choose maybe a cafe or something that is less expensive than a fancy restaurant

8. Go on a walk or a hike together if that is the type of thing you both enjoy. Find somewhere pretty walk around and do it together.

11. Have a video Game competition. This one my husband would love for us to do. Play a Wii, X-box or PlayStation game.

12. Go on a drive together. It won’t be free since gas is still rather expensive but sometimes it’s nice to go on a drive. My husband and I always have nice talks on a car ride.

13. Have a spa day at home. Take a bath together if you have a large enough tub, give each other back massages with oil or lotion. Very romantic and relaxing date.

14. Go get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop together.

15 . Take a tour of a nearby landmark. You both could learn something about a place together.

16. Go walk around Ikea or another home furnishing store together and imagine how you would decorate a home.

17. Look through old photos or videos together. This is especially fun if you’ve been together a long time and when you have a child. You can see how much things change.

18. Take a class together, dancing, art, cooking something. Learning something together can be a lot of fun.

19. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt.

20. Go on a picnic together.

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