Can Social Media Help Me Get the Job? Top 7 Tips for Job Seekers

can social media help me get the job

Think you know everything there is to know about finding a job? You’ve got the perfect resume, nailed your LinkedIn profile, and practiced the best answers to the toughest interview questions. But if you still haven’t landed the job, have you tried finding a job using social media?

Why You Need to Use Social Media when Job-Searching

A recent study has found that, while 92 percent of companies are using social media to help their hiring process, only 59 percent of job seekers are using it in their search for employment.

In the highly competitive job-search market, you want to have the upper hand. So, how can you tap into the power of social media to make finding a job easier? Here are the top tips you need to when finding a job using social media. It’s time to ramp-up your job search!

Social Media Tips to Get Hired

#1 Clean it up — we’re talking squeaky clean.

This may seem obvious to some, but you’d be surprised at how many overlook this vital step. After you go through and delete the profanities and party pics in your profile, do an audit of the articles and images you’ve shared or that other people have shared to your page. Definitely remove charged political references, any content that could be considered offensive, and long rants.

#2 Use your real name.

Sure, social media is where you hang out with your friends who have always called you by your nickname of “Pete” when your real name is Andrew. It might be tempting it to use your nickname when making your profiles, but potential companies won’t be able to find you unless you use your real name.

#3 Don’t have an account on every social platform.

There are so many, and it’s impossible to keep up! It’s much better to have one or two well-made, up-to-date accounts than to have a handful that hasn’t been touched in years. As an active job seeker, LinkedIn is a must, and you should also consider Facebook and Twitter to show companies that you’re a real person. Beyond that, it depends on your industry. Instagram is gaining popularity, and Snapchat isn’t too far behind, either.

#4 Skip the “look at this fish I just caught” photo.

Instead, use a photo that’s professional quality. Unless, of course, you’re applying for a job to work on an Alaskan fishing boat. But if not, stick to an appropriate professional image. Not sure what that means? Take a look at what other people in your industry are wearing and try to match their style to show companies you’re competent and influential in your field. And make sure you smile! Your photo should make you look friendly and approachable and not like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

#5 Use your social profiles in your job search materials.

Now that you’ve got your social image cleaned up, don’t be shy about sharing them! Put your Twitter name on your resume, mention any industry-specific network in your cover letter, and tell people where to find you on your business card or email signature. Letting potential companies know where to find you is key when finding a job using social media.

#6 Use SEO to your advantage.

While this is especially helpful for LinkedIn (what’s better than a hiring manager finding you and reaching out?), it’s excellent advice for Twitter and Facebook, too. Use keywords and hashtags to lead recruiters to your social profiles, and make sure you check your spelling. When you don’t get the spelling right, you won’t show up in search results for that keyword.

#7 Stand out from the crowd by sharing some of what makes you unique.

Avoid cursing, sharing your favorite kind-of-inappropriate jokes, or re-Tweeting articles that might be offensive. But consider sharing articles about your hobbies, comments on your favorite TV shows, or funny observations from your every-day life.

The Digital Version of You

Don’t give hiring managers the upper hand — you can use social media to your advantage, too. Crafting an online presence to promote your job search will go a long way when finding a job using social media. Make sure you pay the proper attention to your online reputation. Social media is an essential piece of the job-search process and, when you’re looking for a job, don’t ignore the digital version of you. It’ll help you land your dream job!

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