How To Feel Rich On A Tight Budget

how to feel rich

We’d all like to live a more luxurious life. Unfortunately, our bank account often has the final say. Or does it? There are many luxuries accessible to those on a modest budget. Avoid letting your income stand in the way of fully enjoying life. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Learn to look for luxury in uncommon places.

You can enjoy the better things in life:

1 – Purchase higher quality clothing.

You’ll have to purchase fewer clothes to stay within your budget, but that’s okay. Instead of buying five inexpensive shirts, buy two shirts that fit you well and look great. Higher quality clothes last longer, so you’ll eventually have a large wardrobe anyway.

Estate sales are a great way to find the clothing of the rich at a bargain price.

2 – Take advantage of Groupon and similar offers.

Even the fanciest of restaurants aren’t packed at all hours. Higher-end restaurants are often nearly empty earlier in the evening. If you don’t mind eating early, you can save a lot of money.

3 – Get a massage or manicure.

There’s always a place in town that will give a great, but inexpensive, massage or manicure. You might get lucky and find a place that does both.

4- Be willing to move.

Did you choose your current location based on the economic opportunities or the cost of living? Most people fail to venture far from their hometown.

Taking advantage of a lucrative employment opportunity and a less expensive location can quickly enhance your lifestyle.

5 – Choose your vacation destinations wisely.

There are many parts of the world where your dollar will take you further. It’s not difficult to find an exotic, safe, and inexpensive vacation destination. You’ll save money and vacation like a millionaire.

6 – Purchase a pre-owned luxury car.

Some of the lower-end luxury cars aren’t much more expensive than many of the more modest cars. Look at the luxury cars that are 2-3 years old.

  • They’ll still have a warranty and won’t cost any more than a more common vehicle.


7 – Pay for the amenities, but not the hotel room.

Many fancy hotels are now offering access to their amenities, for a price. You can use the pool, beach, towels, and fitness center for a very reasonable price without the cost of an expensive hotel room.

8 – Prioritize

The more you purchase, the less you can spend on each item.

Consider cutting unnecessary expenses and focusing your dollars on higher quality items and services.

  • You could get rid of your home phone and hire someone to mow your lawn, for example.

9 – Keep fresh flowers around the house.

A $5 investment each week can really add a touch of class to your home. Do you have space in your yard for a flower garden? Planting a mixture of wild flowers is simple, and they grow successfully without a lot of attention.

10 – Have your clothes tailored.

Unless you have the perfect body for a particular piece of clothing, it doesn’t fit as well as it could. A simple fix will only cost a few dollars and your clothing will fit much better.

11 – Have fancy coffee sparingly.

It’s silly to spend $5 on a cup of coffee, but it has the feel of luxury to it. Meet a friend each week for a cup of your favorite coffee and have a real conversation.

Are you on a limited budget?

Enjoying some luxuries in life doesn’t have to be expensive. Focus your financial resources on those items and services that provide the most luxury for your buck. Splurge occasionally and enjoy the little things that life has to offer. You can find luxury on a modest budget if you look.

how to feel rich
how to feel rich

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