100+ Things To Do Without Money – How To Have Fun On A Budget

things to do without money

So fun- just like the Cyndi Lauper song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” I think the same truth applies to everyone else in this world – kids, moms, dads, grandparents, single adults etc.

We all crave a little enjoyment in our lives.

But fun can sometimes be expensive, especially when you are an adult.

In a struggling economy, it can be tough to have a good time without spending at least a few dollars.

Good news though – it can be done!

Even when you are sticking to a tight budget, there are heaps of things you can do without money.

You CAN still go out and have a good time.

There is no rule book that says you have to stay home all the time.

There are so many activities to enjoy that are either cheap or free, for both children and adults.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: What Do You Like to Do?

When you’re looking for things to do on a budget, consider what kinds of activities each member of your family is interested in.

Some people love to spend hours at a museum, while others love movies, the outdoors, sports, or reading.

Try to come to a consensus so that everyone is happy with the chosen activity.

Agreeing on what to do is important.

If you can’t agree, make a list of the things that each person wants to do.

Ensure all of the suggestions are free or inexpensive, based on an established cost limit, then put all the suggestions into a jar and draw one out.

That way, it’s fair to everyone.

The next time, draw another one.

Each person will eventually get what he or she suggested.

Finding Free and Inexpensive Things to Do Without Money

Free and inexpensive activities are easier to find than you think.

The local newspaper will be your friend when you’re looking for things to enjoy.

In nearly every paper there are listings of upcoming community events and activities.

Take advantage of these events!

There will always be some kind of street festival, movie night, parade, or other free activities for you and the kids to enjoy.

You can also search the Internet for other local activities and big events in your city.

Don’t forget to be creative.

There are lots of activities you can do without spending a cent.

Think: picnics in the park, walks along the seashore to hunt for shells, or going for a hike.

These ideas aren’t advertised in the local paper so they are often forgotten forms of entertainment.

Oh and if you live in a smaller or rural area, please don’t give up on finding fun things to do on a budget.

You can always camp out in your backyard or have a movie night where you rent some movies and make popcorn.

Plus, there are always family get-togethers, day-trips, board games, and other fun activities to keep you busy.

The most important thing is that you spend some enjoyable time with the people you love, creating fabulous memories.

Remember: the amount of money you spend on these activities is less important than the time you spend together.

This is why it’s so much easier to stick to a budget – when you understand that your PRESENCE is the biggest gift you can ever give your kids.



1 Bake cookies together

2 Make a fort with blankets or cardboard boxes

3 Have an outdoor picnic

4 Build a backyard campfire and roast marshmallows

5 Tell each other ghost stories and funny jokes

6 Set up a tent in your backyard

7 Sleep under the stars

8 Visit the park and swing on the swings together

9 Host a treasure hunt

10 Or a scavenger hunt

11 Complete a science experiment.

12 Visit the beach and watch the waves.

13 Build a sandcastle and collect seashells

14 Have a water balloon fight

15 Feed ducks at a lake

16 Start a scrapbook together

17 Ask your kids questions to learn more about them

18 Have your kids interview YOU – the same questions are fine!

19 Create a special family memory book

20 Draw up your family tree

21 Or write a story together

22 Host a puppet show or do shadow puppets

23 Play dress-up

24 Make play dough

25 Go geo-caching

26 Play cards

27 Play hopscotch

28 Play board-games

29 Play soccer or baseball

30 Or teach them an entirely NEW game.

31 Explore your neighborhood.

32 Visit a town you have never been to before

33 Take pictures of nature

34 Have a photo-shoot

35 Go on a hike

36 Watch a sunrise

37 Watch a sunset

36 Sell homemade lemonade at a kerbside lemonade stand

37 Find a pen-pal to write to

38 Write thank you letters together

39 Go bike-riding

40 Visit your local library and borrow new books

41 Do each other’s makeup and hair

42 Paint or fingerpaint

43 Draw

44 Use sidewalk chalk

45 Make jewelry

46 Do arts and craft with old recyclable materials

47 Give them a warm bubble bath

48 Create a family cookbook

49 Create a perfect meal plan for the week

50 Make home movies

51 Make bubbles

52 Build a house of cards

53 Sing karaoke

54 Give each other a manicure

55 Give each other a pedicure

56 Learn magic tricks.

57 Learn how to sew or knit

58 Make rock animals out of rocks

59 Make a potato family out of potatoes

60 Plant a garden

61 Go through old photos together

62 Tell them stories from your past

63 Attend a free kid’s workshop

64 Host a tea party

65 Host a games night

66 Watch a movie and pop popcorn

67 Have a sleepover

68 Visit family and friends

69 Host a BBQ

70 Read books

71 Properly explore your backyard.

72 Make up your own trivia game.

73 Visit a forest

74 Visit a cave

75 Visit a museum

76 Visit a fire station

77 Visit a nursing or retirement home

78 Play in the rain.

79 Fly a kite

80 Volunteer

81 Study a world map and research different countries. Encourage your kids to be inquisitive.

82 Go rollerblading

83 Create an obstacle course.

84 Run through the sprinklers

85 Swim at a pool.

86 Visit the flea market or thrift shop

87 Visit any free local tourist attraction

88 Make bubbles

89 Make popsicles

90 Pretend you are at the circus

91 Learn to juggle

92 Attend an outdoor festival

93 Have a pillow or tickle fight

94 Have a dance party

95 Enjoy a movie marathon

96 Learn to play a musical instrument

97 Perform a play (you can write a script yourself or find one online)

98 Create a comic book

99 Volunteer or spring clean and donate things you don’t need to charity

100 Redecorate a room

101 FINALLY don’t forget to google “FREE THINGS IN DO IN – YOUR CITY”

This information is updated regularly and will give you a lot more ideas for fun things to do in your particular local area.


Here are 101 more things that cost next to nothing but are sometimes more valuable than any new iPhone, dress, gadget or material items you can buy at the local store.

1 Giving a kiss

2 Sharing a smile

3 Hugging someone you love

4 The joy when a loved one is happy to see you

5 Saying thank you

6 Offering an apology

7 Receiving an apology

8 Practicing forgiveness

9 Meditating

10 Witnessing a sunrise

11 Appreciating a sunset

12 A genuine surprise

13 Decluttering your home

14 Singing

15 Listening to music

16 Seeing a long-lost friend

17 Volunteering

18 Taking a walk

19 Keeping a journal

20 Dancing

21 Breathing deep

22 Fresh air and silence

23 Showing gratitude

24 Reading a brilliant library book

25 Silence when you need a rest

26 Makings new friends

27 Being kind

28 Any random act of kindness in fact

29 Expressing your creativity

30 Getting some fresh air

31 Taking a power nap

32 Making your bed

34 Having a good night’s sleep

34 Living in the moment

35 Taking a warm bath

36 Letting go of resentment

37 Feeling hopeful

38 Setting new goals

39 Stepping outside your comfort zone

40 Saying “I love youâ€

41 Feeling love itself

42 Saying a prayer

43 True friends

44 Family

45 Laughing until your muscles ache

46 Learning to laugh at yourself

47 Getting over petty grievances

48 Cuddles from a pet

49 Great memories

50 Achieving something you didn’t think you could do

51 Witnessing a shooting star

52 Following a rainbow

53 Enjoying nature

54 Picking a wildflower

55 Stopping to smell the roses

56 Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about

57 Discovering something you thought you lost

58 The first day of summer

59 Crunching autumn leaves

60 The weekend

61 Being cozy inside while it rains outside

62 Swimming in the ocean

63 A warm bed on a cold winter’s morning

64 Smelling a perfume you love

65 Receiving a sincere compliment

66 Waking up rested before your alarm clock goes off

67 Elevator doors opening as soon as you press the button

68 Holding someone’s hand

69 Staring at the clouds

70 The innocence of a small child

71 The bravado of an older kid

72 Confidence

73 Loyalty

74 Trust

75 Respect

76 A hardworking ethic

77 An easy-going nature

78 A good reputation

79 Discipline

80 Willpower

81 Integrity

82 A clear purpose

83 A sense of humor

84 Compassion

85 Good manners

86 Spare time


88 The truth

89 Inner peace

90 Talent

91 Good health

92 Knowledge

93 Acceptance of yourself

94 Acceptance of others

95 Work-life balance

96 Common sense

97 A good character

98 A clear conscience

99 An open mind

100 A proper perspective

101 A second chance to make things right again

Take the time to go through this list next time you are looking for things to do without money.

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things to do without money
things to do without money

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