More Than 30 Ways To Be Frugal

Ways To Be Frugal

My goal with this blog is to give you the support and advice you need to be living your best life. When you are stressed about money, you are not living your best life. I know this because I’ve lived it too often. So I have put together an epic list of over 30 ways to be frugal that are easy to do.

The struggle with money is something that I have been working on for a long time. If you are looking for ways to improve your finances then one of the best ways is to find ways to be frugal. The more money you can save day to day than the more money you have to pay your expenses and then save. 

There are so many little ways where we make mistakes with our money. We buy things we don’t need, we spend too much on stuff without realizing it. So in these ways to be frugal, I am sharing some of my favorite money tricks and tips that will help you be smarter with your money so you can spend less and save more!

1 find your spending triggers 

2. find free or inexpensive dates and activities to do 

3. make a list 

4. Cut cable 

5. pack your lunch 

6. unsubscribe from store emails 

7. track your daily spending 

8. Don’t save credit card info on computer/phone 

9. cancel any monthly fees for services you don’t use 

10. Buy food in the right seasons 

11. Get books and movies from the library 

12. Have meatless meal nights 

13. make eating in more fun by trying new foods or having theme nights (make your own pizza, breakfast for dinner)

14. batch errands so you can drive less 

15. Call and check your cell phone and internet plans for ways to lower your monthly bill 

16. check for discounts you may be eligible for (student, employee, AAA, etc)

17. never go grocery shopping when you are hungry or bored. You will buy more than you should

18. use generic or store brand when you can 

19. start using coupons

20.  buy things used, especially large items and toys

21. Stop before you buy and ask can I get this for less or borrow it

22. Use up what you have in your freezer/pantry

23. visit the clearance section when shopping

24. turn off lights and electronics that you aren’t using

25. Do a no-spend challenge

26. Plan out your meals so you don’t feel tempted for take-out

27.  swap babysitting with neighbors and friends to cut down on childcare costs

28. budget ahead of time for holidays and birthdays

28. use budgeting software like Mint to keep track of spending and your bills.

29. Keep it simple when throwing parties or celebrations

30. stock up on your most used items when they are on sale

31. work on being content with less. Check out this post on why having less makes you happier

That’s it for now!

There are lots of ways to be frugal that I have tried and tons I haven’t. As I come up with new favorite ways I will share them with you in future posts. 

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