8 Simple Ways To Get Your Family To Save Energy

Ways To Save Energy

Are you doing your part to save energy in your home? We can’t control how much energy is wasted in the world but what we can do is use less in our own homes and teach our family how to save energy so that we are setting a good example. Our children learn more by what they see us do than by what we tell them. So lead by example. 

I’m excited to share with you some simple ways you can start using less energy which will not only lower your bills but help you do your part to better the planet. It’s not hard to do and if we all do a little then we can change a lot. 

Energy Upgrade California is committed to doubling energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% before the year 2030. This might sound like a daunting goal, but if everybody in California pitched in a little it can be done. I’ve put together some easy yet effective ways to save more energy in places you may not have thought of. 

1. Turn off Lights

Really such a simple thing to do but one that is often forgotten. If you leave a room turn off the lights. Get in the habit of doing this every time so that it becomes something you don’t have to think about. remind your family members to do it as well. 

Also, remember to try to use natural light as often as you can. Open your blinds and let in the light during the day instead of flipping a switch. 

2. Wash your clothes on cold 

Energy Upgrade California encourages us to wash our laundry in cold water. They state, “About 90% of the energy used for washing clothes goes to heating the water. Use cold water when you do the laundry – which also helps prevent shrinking and fading.”

I have been doing this for awhile and my clothes still get clean and it’s nice knowing I’m doing something good and using less energy. 

3. Open windows and use fans 

You can cool your home off by opening windows and using a fan. I try to save the a/c for those days in the middle of summer when the heat is unbearable. On just warm or sorta hot days go for ways to cool your home with less energy. 

4. Change your light bulbs 

Make the simple step to replace old light bulbs with newer energy-saving LED lights. 

5. Use less water 

Start taking shorter showers and encourage your family to do the same. We don’t need lengthy showers to get clean and it wastes a lot of energy heating up water for long showers.  Don’t let the water run when you aren’t using it. Start being more aware of the water your using. 

6. Hang dry 

If you can hang your clothes to dry. This will mean not using energy with your dryer as much. You can start small by hanging towels or bedding to dry. Then if that’s working try hanging one or two loads a week to dry. 

7. Have full loads

This tip applies to laundry and the dishwasher. Don’t waste water and energy by running loads that are small. Wait till you have a full load of dirty dishes or dirty clothes and then run them.

8. Spend time outdoors 

If you make an effort to do more outdoor activities with your family then you are going to be using less energy and having your home turned off for awhile. Meaning if no one is indoors no lights are on, the TV will be off, other sources of electricity won’t be in use. Plus it’s good for your family to spend time outside and being active. 

See these steps are nice and simple. Imagine though if everyone started doing just these easy tasks. How much energy could we begin to save?

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