How to Save Money: the $20 Simple Savings Challenge for Couples

How does an extra $1,000 sound? Great, right?

With the stress and expenses of everyday life, figuring out how to save money is tough. But it doesn’t have to be! With the help of this $20 Simple Savings Challenge for Couples, you’ll see how easy it is to work with your partner to build big a savings of more than $1,000 over the next 52 weeks without sacrificing your budgeting goals.

Savings Challenge Designed for Couples

Why for couples? Because communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. With money and finances listed as the leading causes of divorce, sharing and communicating each other’s financial goals is super-important to keep your relationship strong.

This $20 Simple Savings Challenge for Couples is a super-simple and super-fun way to answer the question of how to save money while combining your efforts to work toward big results a little bit at a time. No stress, no hassle, no sacrifice.

Over the next 52 weeks, you’ll see your relationship grow stronger as your savings gets bigger!

How to Save Money: the Challenge

Since the best things in life are the simple things, this savings challenge was designed with simplicity in mind. No sense in overcomplicating life — life is complicated enough as it is!

It goes like this: each and every week both of you will put $10 into a savings jar, envelope, coffee can, or savings account (or under your mattress, whatever works for you).

Working together, you’ll accumulate $20 each week. After six short months, you’ll have saved $520. And if you stick it out for the whole year? You’ll save over $1,000!

See? Easy, right?

Like I said – there’s no sense in making things more complicated than they need to be. But – please! – don’t discount the effectiveness of this savings plan just because it seems “too easy” or “too good to be true.” I assure you it works.

Let’s get started!

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