Self Development Plan – 10 Tips For Personal & Professional Development

self development plan

Looking for a self development plan? Here are 10 tips for personal and professional development, perfect for business moms and entrepreneurs.

If you are an online business owner like me, then you know that time can feel precious and we often feel strapped for time.

Most entrepreneurs have limited time, energy, and other resources available to spend on self-development.

I myself am obsessed with self-development so I know and understand full well its value.

Yet when you are building a business the importance of self-development sometimes falls to the wayside.

Ironically entrepreneurs and business owners are in a position to gain the most from improving their knowledge and skills.

It’s a tough balancing act but one that we would gain so much from if we manage it well.

If you’re an entrepreneur, consider these ideas to successfully undertake self-development projects:


# 1 Carefully consider what you need to learn.

Take the time now to assess your needs and weaknesses and make a decision about what you need to learn.

What will most add to your life or your business?

Business owners are often short for time, so it’s important to make a smart decision about how you want to spend this personal-development time.

  • Ask yourself, “What would most benefit my life or happiness?â€
  • Then ask yourself, “What would most benefit my business?â€
  • What are you currently missing that could help fill this void?


# 2 Selling skills.

News alert: It’s hard to make money without customers or clients.

Selling skills can be among the most valuable for entrepreneurs but it’s often the one thing we struggle with the most.

If you don’t have all the income you desire, enhancing your selling skills might be a logical and excellent choice for your self-development efforts.


# 3 Marketing skills.

Just as selling is important so too is marketing.

If people don’t know about your business, how will they find you?

There are tons of inexpensive marketing choices available today for entrepreneurs (including my own BOOST YOUR TRAFFIC course).

If you recognize that your marketing skills could do with some improvement, maybe your business will benefit if you strengthen this important skill.


#4 Social skills.

Networking, gaining, and maintaining customers and clients is another big part of an entrepreneur’s job.

If your social skills are subpar, there’s a chance your business will struggle.

Everyone can benefit from greater social skills, whether they’re an entrepreneur or not. Work on building them if you identify that they need improvement.


#5 Public speaking.

Ah public speaking – it still tops the list of the greatest fears people have, even above death (can you believe it?)

Where do you fall on the love-hate public speaking spectrum?

Would this be a useful skill to have for your business?

I know I myself avoid videos for so long because I kidded myself that it wasn’t necessary.

Instead I thought I could say everything I needed to say IN WORDS because ultimately I am a writer and not a speaker.

At least that is the story I told myself.

However people really connect to a business when they HEAR someone speaking, as opposed to just seeing a photo on your homepage.

Depending on your business, this can be a very useful skill to have.

Even better, it can help you build your confidence levels up when dealing with people and media.

Speaking at conferences can also be a good way to market and sell your services or products to a larger audience.


# 6 Goals.

Do you have goals?

I’m an avid goal setter and I absolutely stand behind my belief that entrepreneurs would benefit from having a set of reasonable and applicable goals to work toward.

If setting goals is a skill you struggle with, consider looking at ways you can develop it.

Setting and striving for goals is a valuable and useful skill to develop in all areas of life, not just entrepreneurship.


# 7 Focus, discipline, perseverance.

Oooh these three qualities are the magic rocket fuel that all entrepreneurs could use more of.

If you’re lacking in these areas, consider looking for a book or course that builds on one or more of these characteristics.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had more focus, discipline and perseverance?

You would be unstoppable.

If you already have those bits covered, you can look at courses or books that help you deal with stress, build your confidence or increase your motivation etc.


# 8 Time management.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are frequently pressed for time.

But time is the same for all of us.

Time is all we have.

If this is something you struggle with, check out programs that help you learn how to manage your time more effectively.


# 9 Health.

Sigh this is one thing that many business owners tend to skip over on their quest to make their ventures a success.

We temporarily put our health to the side, as we work and focus on “more important things†and therefore fail to care for ourselves properly.

To some, this might look like not enough sleep, poor eating habits, grabbing whatever is easiest and a lack of exercise all of which are serious impediments to good health.

You definitely can’t go wrong if you choose to making your health a priority and building some healthy habits might be the best way to spend your self-development time.


# 10 – Relationships.

Not all entrepreneurs struggle with their relationships but some do.

The time commitment of running a business and the stress that goes along with it can often be a real strain on any relationship.

Just like our health is important, our relationships are too.

Taking the time to reconnect with your loved ones is the best skill you can learn at this time.

All in all, I think that time spent on self-development is never wasted.

Yes it is true that business owners are often short on time but that doesn’t mean they can’t approach self-development intelligently and efficiently.

Decide today what area of self-development will best serve your business or life.

What skills do you need to gain to move forward in life?

What are you struggling with and how could you get that help?

Do you want to make more sales in your business or do you need to enhance your health?

Or maybe both?

Is managing your time the best skill for you to learn at this time?

Whatever the case, take a look at your situation and know that you can always, always, always improve any area of your life with self-development books and courses.

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self development ideas
self development ideas

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