7 Ways Of Teaching People How To Respect Your Money


Do you sometimes sit and think of how you spent your money on people when you really did not have to? Do you feel that some people are only with you because of the financial favors they get from you? Well, If you do this post is for you.

Respect Your Money

 Money has emotions. The moment you show it that you have no respect for it; it will never rest in our pocket. Furthermore, if you respect it, other people will respect it too.

Respect Other People’s Money

Don’t we all love free treats? We do! But we have to be careful how often we get these treats and who we get the treats from.  Don’t always be the one getting free treats from your friends. Sometimes, be the one treating your friends or better yet, turn them down.

Also, if you borrow money from friends pay it back. So that the next you will need help, they will not hesitate to do so. Once the people around you see how you treat their money they will want to treat it with such respect.

Do Not Be Easy With It

 Don’t be easy to give away your money. Before you lend it to someone, assess their ability to pay you back. Also, before you engage in any charity exercise, make sure it is a genuine case. After all, you do not want to be involved in malicious charity organizations. Would you?

Stop Flaunting It

Yes, you have cash, lots of it! We see you at the club and we see you on social media spending as you earned it and because you deserve it. Nothing wrong with that:  Showing your money off actually has got advantages and disadvantages. You may not agree with me on this one but it is true. However, If you are tired of people treating your money like it grows on trees, maybe it is time you stop showing it off. However, if you are having fun with the fame and friends that come with that kind of a lifestyle, keep showing it off.

Budget For Your Money

Have a budget. Trust me when you have a budget, you will hardly have any money left to be disrespected. If at all, you will have some left unbudgeted for, which hardly happens, then spend it as you wish.  

Let Them Know

I remember this one time, I had to have a conversation with a friend, where I let them know that I will never lend them money again. Funny, we are still good friends to this date. Sometimes, we need to have those extremely uncomfortable conversations with people and let them know that, they have got to show some respect to our money.

Teach Them How To Make Money

This is for the people whom you truly care for but you feel that they disrespect your money anyway. It would be extremely difficult to cut off these people from your life or have those uncomfortable conversations with them. In this case, it would be very wise to teach them how to work on their own. Start a business for them, help them get a job, or let them do odd jobs for you before you can give any money.

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