Get Paid to Lose Weight: The Best Programs and Apps

Did you know you can get paid to lose weight? This side hustle lets you earn while spending time with family and friends. It is a perfect side hustle for parents wanting to get active with their kids and anyone else looking to earn extra cash while getting in shape. 

Online sites that pay you to lose weight

Some apps pay you real money to shed the weight you probably want to lose anyway. Do something good for your bank account and for yourself by using these awesome apps.

Healthywage app

The Healthywage app allows you to use real money to place a “bet” on your weight loss goals. If you meet your goal, you win real money. The app features a free calculator to estimate your prize amount. 


The DietBet app challenges you to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. How much money you get paid for losing weight depends on the total bet and number of winners. They offer a free seven-day trial and a no loss guarantee. 


StiKK uses contracts and referees to help hold you accountable for your weight loss. As an incentive, this company lets you pick who gets your money if you fail to fulfill your contract. Choosing a company you despise to receive your money is a great incentive to reach your goals.

Earn points and cash rewards for healthy choices

There’s more to being healthy than weight loss. Some apps reward you for making healthy choices.


myWalgreens members can sign up to earn Walgreens cash rewards through the myWalgreens health goals program. Members earn cash rewards for every four-week healthy lifestyle challenge they complete. 


Evidation partners with other apps to help members earn points and get paid to lose weight, take steps and more. Take a short survey to see if you’re eligible and start earning points while using your favorite fitness apps, like Fitbit and Apple Health.

How to stay motivated while losing weight

Getting paid to lose weight is an easy way to earn extra cash while giving you an incentive to reach your goals. But there are other things you can do to help you stick with your weight loss program along the way.

Set mini goals

Besides setting your final weight loss goal, you might find it helpful to set mini goals along the way. Reaching these mini goals each day or week can help you feel successful and make the entire journey feel less overwhelming.

Recruit a friend

Ask friends and family for support. You can encourage one another and create a beneficial support system that can benefit you both. You might find exercising to be more fun when sharing the experience with others. It becomes a social activity rather than feeling like a chore.

Remember why you’re doing it

Besides getting paid to lose weight, you likely have other reasons you want to get in shape. You might want to fit in those jeans again or lower your cholesterol. Whatever your reason, remind yourself what it is and how much happier you will be when you meet your goals. 

The bottom line

Losing weight and getting healthy are great goals, and getting paid to achieve them is icing on the cake. With plenty of choices like the Healthywage app, DietBet and the others on this list, you can get paid to lose weight and have a great time doing it.

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