Saving Money And Stocking Up Plus 5 Ways To Save Money

Stocking Up

I’m so excited to share new coupons and some money saving tips with you today. A few weeks ago I shared that Dollar General was using Digital coupons and you could save big on stuff for the house like toilet paper and paper towels.

Five ways to save money

1 Use up what you have. I don’t know about you but I have the tendency to overbuy. We get takeout when we could eat what’s at home. We go to the movies when we could watch Netflix, etc. If you want to save money don’t waste money on something that you could replace with something else at home for free.

2. Make a list. Another way that we tend to over spend in my house is by buying things at the store that we don’t need. We buy more bread when we have enough. Or we will realize that we have three things of cheese in the fridge. So before heading to the grocery store take a few minutes to put together a list and check to make sure you are only buying what you actually need.

3. Keep tabs on automatic charges. Especially once I started taking blogging seriously I realized how many things I set to auto pay because  they were only $5-$15 a month which doesn’t seem so bad. The problem came when I stopped paying attention to how many of those things I set up. Suddenly I had little bits of money leaving my account throughout the month and it began to add up. So I went through all those charges decided what services I really used and needed and got rid of the rest. That way I’m only paying for what I really need and use and not being charged for things that dont matter.

4. Keep staples on hand. We have a few products that we always need to have at home. These are water, soda, toilet paper, and things like that. So when there is a good deal we stock up. That way we are paying the lowest price and not just getting what’s available closest regardless of price. That’s why with the great deal at Dollar General we got a lot of toilet paper and paper towels. We got stuff for a great price and now we have plenty of both at home.

5. Make sure you are paying the best prices. You can do this by using coupons . I don’t coupon as much as I should and I plan to start getting better at it because it’s a great way to save money. Also we compare prices at stores to make sure we are getting the best deal. We ended up recently changing supermarkets because we  compared prices and found much better prices at a different store then we had been using. Wish we had done it sooner.

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